What is the average cost of accommodation in Iran?

It actually depends on which kind of accommodation you wanna stay. We have Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs, and so on. As we recommend staying in Hostels (or Guesthouses), we give you the average rate of this kind.

Please note that the exact price depends on several factors such as a shared or private bathrooms, Wi-Fi or without Wi-Fi, location in the city, and so on.

Room TypeAverage Cost
Single10 to 20 € (per room)
Double20 to 30 € (per room)
Tripe30 to 40 € (per room)
Quadruple35 to 50 € (per room)
Dorm8 to 10 € (per person)

What are our best hostel recommendations for every city?

To know our best hostel recommendation for each city including the hostel name and contact, please contact us directly on WhatsApp (+989140050221). We’ll answer you quickly with useful information ✌️.

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What is the average cost of Transportation in Iran?

You don’t need to book the tickets much in advance. You can do it when you are in Iran with the help of your host.

(Prices are in Euro)

From … To …Bus (VIP)Train (4-6 beds)PlaneTaxi
Tehran-Isfahan4620 to 28
Mashad-Qom87 to 20
Tehran-Mashad75 to 1526

If you want to know practical information about the Iranian Currency, please read our post about Iranian Currency

What is the average cost of Food in Iran?

Food is not expensive in Iran at all. You can have your meal in a restaurant or you can ask your host to provide a homemade meal which is a little more expensive but tastier than a restaurant.
Please note that the cost of a meal in a restaurant depends on the city you are visiting. And in big cities like Tehran, it depends on which side of the city that the restaurant locates. In the north of Tehran, prices are sometimes double.

Type of foodAverage cost
Homemade4 to 6 €
Kebab with rice3 to 8 €
Chicken with rice4 to 6 €
Pizza3 to 5 €
Burger2 to 5 €
Coca cola0.5 €
Caesar salad2 to 3 €

Join us here in Varzaneh to have delicious homemade food. You can see our tours and check if it’s worth a visit 😃

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