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Abyaneh tour

Abyaneh tour

Do you need pickup from Isfahan or Yazd?

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About this tour

This tour is arranged for those travelers who come to Varzaneh from Kashan and visit Abyaneh on the way.

You will visit the colorful and rich cultural village “Abyaneh”. Bring your camera to take amazing photos of people wearing beautiful dresses. You can also do this tour the other way around (starting from Varzaneh and ending Kashan)

Itinerary of Abyaneh tour

Tips for this Tour

1. You can take photos of local people, but ask them before taking 2. Remember to go uo the hill to have a nice view of the whole village. 3. Buy some local handicrafts as souvenirs.

Included Items



Up to four persons can take a single taxi. So you can realize the price for more that four persons by yourself.

One person
€ 40
in total
Two or three persons
€ 45
in totall
four persons
€ 50
in total

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