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Sunrise tour

Sunrise tour

Do you need pickup from Isfahan or Yazd?

Do you wanna have a homemade meal?

About this tour

Sunrise from the rooftop of “Rabbit” caravanserai

We leave Varzaneh early in the morning to catch the sunrise on time. On the way back we also visit the black mountain (an inactive volcano) so you can hike a little. After hiking, we visit a little waterfall and a Camel-mill.


We start the tour 1.5 hours before sunrise in Varzaneh and then drive about 1 hour to reach the caravanserai.

We watch the sunrise on the rooftop of caravanserai.

We make a fire to make a fresh tea and an omelette for breakfast. Of course there are cheese, cucumbers and tomatos too.

We drive about 20 minutes to arrive at the mountain where you can go hiking and watch the beautiful landscape.

on the way back, we visit a small waterful and eat some snacks.

This tour takes about 5.5 hours.

Tips for this Tour

1- Wear your warm clothes. 2- Wear suitable shoes for hiking. 3- Sleep well the night before, because the tour starts early in the morning.

Included Items

A private taxi for the whole trip.

Fresh breakfast in caravanserai.

It can be some fruit (according to the season) or a cup of tea with cookies.

For visiting Camel-mill an entry fee is needed which is included in the tour.



One person
€ 20
in totall
Two persons
€ 30
in totall
Three persons
€ 36
in totall
Four persons or more
€ 10
per person

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