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Ghoortan citadel tour

Ghoortan citadel tour

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About this tour

In this tour we visit the 1000 year-old ghoortan citadel, a 300 year-old pigeon tower and the ox-well.

This tour takes about 2 and half hours. You have a guide who explains you needed information about the citadel, the pigeon tower and the ox-well.

Itinerary of Ghoortan citadel

You can do this tour in both morning and afternoon and takes about 2 and half hours. We start from our place in the town. First we visit Ghoortan citadel.

After 15 minutes driving west of Varzaneh, we reach the citadel. With 40 minutes walking around the citadel with your guide, you can cover the highlights of the citadel.

We head back to Varzaneh to visit the 300 year-old citadel. Spending about 20 minutes there.

Then we drive about 3km out of Varzaneh to visit the ox-well. We spend about 20 minutes there and probably drink a glass of tea.

After visiting ox-well, we head back to our place in Varzaneh.

Tips for this Tour

1. Wear your sun glasses and a cap. 2. Bring a bottle of water 3. Consider in some parts your clothes may get a little sandy. 4. Entry fees are included but giving tips in ox-well part would be nice.

Included Items of ghurtan citadel tour

A private taxi to drive you to all the places starting and ending in Varzaneh

There is a guide with you to explain you the needed information about the places you visit in this tour.

All entry fees are included.

You will have a room in the town, so you can put your unnecessary luggage there before starting the tour.

Location of Ghoortan citadel tour

Cost of Ghoortan citadel tour

Price per car
€ 14
Enrty fees included

About varzaneh ox-well

This system was revived 12 years ago by an old man to show how people used to pull up the water from a well using an ox.

Farmers used to sing for the ox when he was working, so after a while the bull was trained to work when somebody was singing. The funny thing about this bull is that it works only when his owner is singing not somebody else.

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