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Yazd tour

Yazd tour

Do you need pickup from Isfahan or Yazd?

Do you wanna have a homemade meal?

About this tour

Visiting Meybod, Chack Chack, and Kharanagh on your way to Yazd

This tour starts from Varzaneh and ends in Yazd. You can also do it the other way around (starting from Yazd and ending in Varzaneh).


We start the tour from Varzaneh and drive about 2 hours to reach Meybod (You can start the tour from Yazd. In that case, the itinerary is the other way around.

We stop in Meybod for about 45 minutes to visit Narin castle, Pigeon tower and Jame mosque.

After 45 minutes of driving from Meybod, we arrive at Chack Chack. We stop here about half an hour to visit this Zoroastrian fire temple in the heart of the mountain.

We drive 40 minutes from Chack Chack to reach Kharanagh. We stop here about 45 minutes to visit this ancient village. You can also visit the Caravanserai here.

After visiting Kharanagh we drive about one hour to arrive at Yazd. If you start from Yazd, the itinerary would be the other way around.

Tips for this Tour

1- Wear sunglasses. 2- Use sun protection. 3- Bring a bottle of water 4- Bring Rilas with you for entry fees

Included Items

A private taxi for the whole trip.

It can be some fruit (according to the season) or a cup of tea with cookies.

For visiting the pigeon tower in Meybod, Chack Chack and Kharanagh, an entry fee is needed which is not included and you pay by yourself (entry fees are around 200,000 Rilas).



Up to four persons can take a single taxi. So you can realize the price for more that four persons by yourself.

Up to three persons
€ 40
in totall
Four persons
€ 45
in totall

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