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2 days living in the desert

2 days living in the desert

Do you need pickup from Isfahan or Yazd?

Do you wanna have a homemade meal?

About this tour

This tour starts in the afternoon, camping in the desert for two days, and ends on the morning of the third day.

We go deep inside the desert and visit different spots for different activities. We also visit a salt lake in the middle of the desert. The first night, we camp in the desert and the second night in the salt lake. quad riding and sandboarding are also included. You can also take some books from our small bookshelf to read when you are relaxing in the desert.


We start the tour 1.5 hours before sunset in Varzaneh by an off-road car and drive through the sand hills to reach the campsite.

When we are preparing the campsite you have enough time to enjoy the sunset and beautiful landscapes.

After fixing the tents, we’ll make a campfire and provide a fire tea. Then prepare the chicken BBQ for dinner (Let us know if you are a vegetarian, then we provide siutable dishes for you).

After Dinner, we spread a blanket and lie down to watch the stars, milky way and luckily some falling stars. You have a guide there to explain to you about the stars and constellations and to make the observation more meaningful.

The first night we set our tents in the middle of the desert surrounded by sandhills. Don’t forget to set your alarm not to miss the sunrise.

We eat breakfast after watching the sunrise

Untill noon, you are free to relax and maybe read some books. You can bring some books from our small bookshelf in the city.

We bring a board so you can sandboard. Remember to ask us how to do it. It could be unsafe if you don’t have experience. You can also explore the desert by riding a quad with a professional driver.

We eat a homemade Iranian dish that we brought from home. We relax after lunch and maybe take a nap.

We leave the desert and start driving to reach the salt lake. You will be amazed by the beautiful landscapes on the way.
Remember to walk inside the lake and enjoy salt therapy.

After dinner, we sit around the fire and talk about must-to-know facts and misconceptions of Iran.

Try not to miss the sunrise from the view of the lake.

There is a vast area coverd by salt called “White land”. It’s a perfect view for instagramers and photographers.

We return to Varzaneh after breakfast.

You can take a shower in our place in Varzaneh.

Tips for this Tour

1. Bring your warm clothes. It’s sometimes cold at sunset time. 2. Wear your socks and closed shoes. 3. If you have your own bottle, you can fill it up in the town with the tap water. This tip is in order to use fewer plastic bottles. 4. Please ask us how to do sandboarding in advance. You may hurt yourself if you don’t know it. 5. Bring your sunglasses and cap. 6. Let us know if you have any specific illness.

Included Items

A comfortable tent with enough blankets is provided. First night in the desert, and the second night by the lake.

Off-road car with an experienced driver

A guide who speaks English fluently and also has some knowledge about the stars to explain at night.

2 Dinners + 2 Breakfasts + 1 Lunch

An exciting ride on the quad, and funny time with sandboarding

You will have the possiblity to take a shower in our place in the town after coming back from the desert.

You will have a room in the town, so you can put your unnecessary luggage there before starting the tour.



One person
€ 250
per person (for the whole trip)
Two persons
€ 150
per person (for the whole trip)
Three persons
€ 110
per person (for the whole trip)
Four persons or more
€ 100
per person (for the whole trip)

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